Xpandasox with Lymphoedema Review

Hey Beautifuls!

I was lucky enough to be asked by Sharon Thorp (of Xpandasox) if I would like to trial a free pair. Obviously I jumped at the chance and responded quickly with a Yes! Through setting me in touch with a stockist in the UK (for quicker delivery) and selecting my pair, they arrived quickly. Currently wearing them whilst writing this review…


A little bit about Xpandasox

Founded by Sharon Thorp, Xpandasox is a brand under the 2DAYGIF inc. Xpandasox were debuted at Full Figure Fashion Week in 2015 in NYC. With a stretchy sewn in panel, they Xpand (see what I’ve done there!) up to 24+ INCHES! Not only is the company thinking of those with wider athletic calves and wider limbs due to health conditions, they give back too. For every pair purchased they give to their Sock Bank which then are given to those in need!


My Experience with Xpandasox

The stockist I was put in touch with was Pebble UK. I had a choice of 3 pairs. I chose the geometric patterned pair which I believed to be the ones I’d most likely wear. The sizes are in keeping with your shoe size which is fab. I ordered a size UK 3/ European 36. When they arrived, they did so with a catalogue for other compression based items they sell. This created a lovely 5 minute flick through the booklet for future reference, especially as there was a set of measurement guidelines inside the catalogue. Winning!!


I loved the pattern and material mixture. It was ostentatious enough to be deemed trendy but the right blend of colours to remain neutral. I decided I would try them at different points in the day. I would also try hand washing as well as a cool temperature machine wash… both times they washed well with materials returning to original size and elasticity.

I chose to wear them on board my flight to Doha. I was wearing my skinny jeans and Tods. I wrapped my lower leg in my farrow wrap and rolled my Xpandasox over the top of the 2 layers with ease. The ‘sox are fine enough to wear with shoes but warm enough that your feet don’t get cold. They were so comfortable on my legs throughout the 7 hour flight. There was no cutting behind my knee or tightness.

I also wore them as regular socks for the day beneath my jeans. Sadly, due to my jeans being so skin tight they did show the outlines, but would be fine beneath regular jeans rather than the extra skinny, second skin variety. Again, really comfortable, so much so I forgot I was wearing them! Always a great sign, especially as socks usually dig in to my leg as it swells throughout the day causing discomfort.

Lastly I’ve tried them over the top of my sports leggings and farrow wrap. I used my farrow wrap on both my foot and lower leg. Again, the Xpandasox rolled over the top of both layers with ease. Again, so comfortable. The great part is that the foot of the Xpandasox stretches so easily to fit the shape of wrapping or foot allowing comfort. There’s an example of how well the Xpandasox fit in the images below.



I’m excited to see how they fit over multi layer bandaging in future. I’m not sure how I have survived without these life changers! I’m already planning my next pair… hmmm which colour to go for!?

Again, I’d love to extend my thanks to Sharon Thorp and her generosity in donating a pair of Xpandasox for me to wear and review.

Lots of Love,

L xoxox

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