Xpandasox: Solving the Sock Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

Comfortable in Xpandasox men’s socks

This post is sponsored by Xpandasox. All opinions, however, are my own.

Finding clothes that fit is hard. When you DO find something, you’re so happy that you’ll buy it and wear it, even if the item doesn’t fit very well. Sometimes, you find out that the things you’ve been wearing for years don’t fit you correctly, and you didn’t even realize it. Take socks, for example. Did you know that your socks aren’t actually supposed to leave deep marks in your legs after wearing them all day? They should look great and fit you well. It turns out there’s a solution for this exact problem for people with bigger legs, and it’s called Xpandasox.


Xpandasox feature a rear panel that stretches while keeping the sock in place


The Story Behind Xpandasox

Founder and CEO Sharon Thorp created Xpandasox after hearing from clients of her leg wear company who were disappointed with the fact that their socks dug into their legs after extended wear. Sharon realized that, at the time, there was no way to make wider socks, so she decided to take matters into her own hands, and created a sock with a stretchable back panel that expands with the wearer’s leg.

Xpandasox men’s socks are calf length for a good fit


What Does Xpandasox Offer for Men?

Xpandasox initially focused on plus size knee-high socks for women, which worked well. Sharon began to get feedback from people looking for more masculine versions of their socks, and the unisex line was launched. This mid-calf length line includes a variety of solid, striped, and dot patterned socks in blue, brown, black, and gray, respectively.

When it comes to sizes, Xpandasox run from 10-13, which fits an equivalent men’s shoe size of 8-12.

Xpandasox offers solid colors in addition to the patterns


What’s Our Verdict?

Before learning about Xpandasox, I fell into the group of people who didn’t realize that the socks I wore every day didn’t actually fit. After wearing a pair for the day, I realized that there’s a significant difference between these socks and the kind I’d been wearing for years. Once I put the socks on, I barely realized they were there. The lightweight fabric kept the socks where they needed to be, without holding too tightly to my leg. I’m partial to their solid colors, but I do rock a blue dot pair from time to time. If you’re the type of guy who likes to show his personality through accessories like socks, look for a wider variety of designs to be available next year.

I really like the way the back panel on the sock looks. It doesn’t feel out of place or like it was tacked on at the end of production. You can tell that this is a well-designed sock. After the first wash, It seemed like the socks fit me even better. Comfortable socks with colors and designs I like, that don’t cut off circulation to my foot? I’ll take it.

Xpandasox make plus size socks that fit


Xpandasox Gives Back

The company gives back through their Sock Bank, a program that allows them to partner with charitable organizations to give a pair of socks to those in need for every pair they sell.

A pair of socks from the Xpandasox unisex line runs $16 and is currently available in 7 different styles. Whether you need socks for yourself, or a holiday gift for someone else, visit www.xpandasox.com and help solve the problem you didn’t even realize you had.