Xpandasox – Lymphedema and Lipedema Socks

Posted by Stephen O’Hare President of Pedors Shoes on 28th Mar 2016

It’s not the most glamorous of jobs – being the President of an orthopedic footwear company – but it is certainly the most rewarding job I’ve ever had as the reviews we receive inspire me.

There’s a company called Yotpo® whose role in the world of on-line e-commerce is to verify that those consumer reviews you read on a website are in fact legitimate reviews and not made up by someone on the marketing team.

If you are like me and most other folks, when you buy something on-line you want to be sure that the product you are buying does what it’s supposed to do.

As you can’t actually hold the product and inspect it for yourself before you press the button to buy it, Yotpo® reviews in effect, inspect the product for you.

It stands to reason that if many other folks like you are dealing with the same footwear issues and they buy and then post a favorable review, then chances are you’ve found what you need. You feel safe hitting that “Buy” button.

It’s really rewarding to read heartfelt reviews where our products have helped improve the quality of life for people living with lower limb issues.

For people with edema or swollen feet we see great reviews for our Pedors MAXPedors MAX shoe line on a regular basis. Some patients with lymphedema and lipedema tell us how well the product works for them as well.

Just recently I came across a product line called Xpandasox® As is often the case, the simplest of ideas turn out to be the most effective. After researching the product line, I am convinced that Xpandasox® will prove to be a product that will help many folks living with lymphedema and lipedema.

The tough part of my job is convincing people to try a new product which does not have the benefit of any consumer reviews. But what we do offer is an unconditional satisfaction guarantee, as we do with all the other precuts on Pedors.com – so you can try Xpandasox® risk free.

Let the Yotpo Reviews roll in.