“A little bit of fashion with a lot of function!”

Socks: Everyone wears them, but if you have larger or athletic calves, socks can be a major issue.

No one likes when socks are digging into their legs, or if they are constantly yanking on them to keep them up. And so… XPANDASOX® was born! XPANDASOX® is a patent pending innovative new sock concept. Inspired by boots that have a stretch panel for better fit, XPANDASOX® features the amazing Xpandapanel™ that stretches and contracts to fit your body and stay up without binding, allowing for incredible comfort and style.

These problem solving socks stretch up to 24 inches without binding or falling down, and are available in a myriad of beautiful patterns, textures and colors, for both men and women. Finally, stylish socks that fit every body!