Several weeks ago I was contacted by Natasha of Dressing Room 8 and introduced to Xpandasox, who sent me a pair of Fairisle Blue socks to try.

Finding knee socks that don’t look ill-fitting or cut off my circulation has been a challenge. Xapandasox were easy to pull up, stayed in place, and felt so comfortable I often forgot I was wearing them.  These knee socks really hug your legs without binding and will stretch to accommodate calves as wide as 24″. The secret is the back Xpandapanel that expands as much or as little as necessary to provide a perfect and comfortable fit.

Xpandasox debut collection was featured at Full Figure Fashion week NYC 2015. They’re also stylish enough to wear over a cast or brace, and on their own or with a ballet slipper if you are unable to wear shoes at all. I paired mine with a ValentineValentine tunic, denim blazer, Simply Be wide-width booties, and bespoke necklace by Daisy Alexandria Designs.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to buy a pair for yourself Xpandasox donates a pair of black, antimicrobial, cushioned socks to various organizations that get them to those that truly need them. Socks are the most requested item in homeless shelters, so you can sport your new socks with the knowledge that someone else has warm, comfy feet thanks to you.

I will absolutely be buying more Xpandasox. Did I mention they cost $16-$18?