Joi Louise Hall: Socks to Pair with My Compression Stockings

One of the best things about “working from home” has been not having to wear dress pants or shoes. 🤣 I spend most of my day in biker shorts, mini dresses or long t-shirts. I have also been LIVING in my @xpandasox 🧦

Being that I have #PrimaryLymphedema, the summers are rough for my condition. So having these socks to pair with my compression stockings is such a blessing.

They stretch beyond 24” and never leave my calf, foot or ankles with any marks. For people like me or even just people with juicier legs, #xpandasox is revolutionizing the way we think about socks.

You can grab your very own pair on @amazon today! I promise they will change your life! #lymphiestrong 💪🏾